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Magical Hogwarts - Portal

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Welcome to Magical Hogwarts

Magical Hogwarts is a forum-based, play-by-post role-playing community. Our setting is based on the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling. While in many aspects we are faithful to canon, there are also plenty of new and unique elements to explore. As such, you will be able to play Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students and explore new places across magical Europe.

All About Us:

Magical Hogwarts was founded during the summer of 2003. After nearly ten years it has become one of the biggest and busiest Harry Potter role-playing games. We attribute part of this success to our varied role-playing environment. There are few restrictions on what kind of character you can create, as long as it fits the setting of Harry Potter and Magical Hogwarts. Aside from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons, we also have an active community of adult characters in a wide variety of occupations. Magical Hogwarts frequently offers plots and events for your character to take part in. However, if you prefer to make your own individual story lines and pursue them, we are glad to help with that as well. Our out of character community is busy, lively and welcoming to new members.

All About You:

Magical Hogwarts welcomes role-players of all genders, ages and ethnicities to join in and have a good time. You can bring as many characters as you like, provided you can actively play them. The game requires a firm grasp of the English language and a moderate level of writing skill. However, as a role-playing community our focus is on unique and imaginative character designs and plot lines. You donít need to be an amazing writer to enjoy our role-playing game. In order to help you get started, Magical Hogwarts provides a series of guides and resource materials. We also offer a mentoring scheme to help new members get started. Should all else fail, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, be it via e-mail, forum post or private messages.